KiSS Festival 2017

3 - 5 juni 2017 | Isabelle, Riga


For the first time on the Baltic sea, a 40-hour dance festival cruise of KIZOMBA & SEMBA, the KiSS Festival 2017 by AfroDance Rhythm!
These wonderful dances exhalt the beauty and warmth of Angolan culture in particular, and African in general, through a universal hug of friendship and love.

You must use the booking code ADRKISS if you want to participate in the cruise programme.

Kizomba & Semba have been assimilated by a number of people to a form of African Tango.
Urban-Kiz, born in Paris, has derived from the former two dances and has had an influence from other ones, such as Hip-Hop and Tango.
Afro-House (South Africa) and Afro-Kuduru (Angola) are generally executed in group and are mixes of energizing traditional and modern dances.

The dances have invaded the world, where the number of festivals is constantly increasing.
KiSS (Kizomba & Semba in Stockholm) Festival has been the very 1st festival of these organized in Sweden in the beautiful city of Stockholm, by AfroDance Rhythm a cultural organization based in the city.

This year’s edition, the 4th one, is the SWEET EDITION and is exploring the excitement and joy of dancing on a full 40-hour cruise, becoming a rare and exclusive festival of this kind in the world. KiSS Festival 2017 will include several workshops for all levels, from beginners to advanced, both prior to the cruise and on the cruise. Information regarding these can be found through our website, Facebook pages and groups. See channels below.

NB: The festival has a 2-day component on land before the cruise, including a dance competition.
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